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(noun/verb) When the male reproductive organ, otherwise known as the "penis," inadvertently fails to penetrate the female reproductive organ which, for convenience sake we will henceforth call the "vag," and proceeds to take the aforementioned penis and slaps the female counterpart in the face with the tip followed by a vigorous reentry.
Example 1:
Male A: "Yo man, I couldn't find the hole, but it's all good, I tip slammed her to remind her who has the bigger penis."
Male B: "Word."

Example 2:
Male A: "She was so tight the only thing I could do was tip slam her."
Male B: "Nice."

Example 3:
Female: "We can't, I'm on my period."
Male: "It's straight, I'll just tip slam you."
Female: "Dope."
by fantastic asshole February 02, 2013
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