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A female who puts on a lil extra show for that lil extra tip. Whether cash, cheap liquor, a random ride, or second hand electronics (used ipods, ipads, dre beats, blu ray players).

You can immediately identify a Tip Thot from their joy after receiving or being offered a tip or gift. These tips and or gifts will NOT exceed the amount of a basic metro pcs single account bill (usually $30)

A Tip Thot will celebrate a tip more than the pay from hours of honest labor she put in. Also a Tip Thot will put her thotself in harms way by accepting rides from any and all Flayers (fake Players). Allowing them to drop them where they stay, rest, or where their crazy baby daddy is.

A Tip Thot will spend an addition hundred or more to keep her face, nails, and outfits on Fleek! Just to attract more Flayers for tips and or gifts. You can find most Tip Thots in any public non Degree needed places of employment. Where the rate of random Flayers increases by the half hour. Most times doubling up to (2) flayers at a time.

Note: A Tip Thot is NOT guaranteed Sex, but is easy passenger eye candy in a vehicle if attractive. Or makes for interesting sexting between relationships
Man, i met this "tip thot" with the cake booty.. i hit her off with some change and got the number
by Sir Verbal Vomit VonDouche October 22, 2015
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