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One by the name of nick who has a 4 inch penis.
"Hey look there's Tiny Dick Nick!
by SecondHandMan May 21, 2013
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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a boy who will play you over and over and not care about how much he is hurting you. he will probably talk to many other girls when he is telling you he is “loyal” and you are the “only one”. He may be hot but he will try and get with your friends when he is talking to you. he will probably send dick picks to all of your friends even if they don’t ask or just send a black screen. he will try to make you feel like you were the reason he wasn’t willing to keep dating after a few days. he will lie to you and try to cover it up by lying and getting his friends to either lie or he will lie to them. he can not be trusted and he will hurt you and every girl he will get with be he used girls for fun.
girl one: tiny dick nick hurt me over and over
girl two: i knew he was bad don’t let girl three talk to him she will take him even if he hurt you and even if you are still not over him

girl three: girl one said she was over him so i’m going to date him and hurt her anyway
by bigbootysusie May 03, 2020
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