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MrTinkertrain is a user on IRC who cannot be identified by any other users on the network but knows who everyone else is.(exception to Admin and higher staff)
This causes 'Tinkertrain-syndrome'

Tinkertrain-syndrome: An IRC virus/infection which effects the curiosity of the victem(s).
Early warning signs of Tinkertrain-syndrome include denial, slight hate and mild begrudging curiosity.
The full blown Tinkertrain-syndrome infection/virus leads to insanity, voilent rage, rage /quit's and excessive pm's begging/pleading to find out the persons identity.

This can be adapted to other nicknames and other users on any network. The first case of this infection/virus was named after the first user not able to be identified.

MrTinkertrain is the original to the Nevitus IRC server. His true identity is still unknown.
Many have fallen in the quest to find it out... God rest their souls.

Warning logs are from the original MrTinkertrain users are advised to read with caution.
(Victems names have been changed)

Public chat example:

*MrTinkertrain joins #lobby
<MrTinkertrain> Hey 'real name of user1' and hey 'real name of user2'
<user1> Hi, who are you?
<user2> Yeah who are?
<MrTinkertrain> A friend.
<user1> No seriously who are you and how do you know my name?
<user1> Does anyone know who MrTinkertrain is?
<user2> No but he knows us....
**user2 cries

Pm example:

<user1> Who are you MrTinkertrain ?
<MrTinkertrain> I'm sorry i have no wish to reveal my true identity.
<user1> Give me a clue?
<MrTinkertrain> No, sorry.
<user1> But you know who -I- am.
<MrTinkertrain> Yes i do.
<user1> So tell me who you are?
<MrTinkertrain> Like i said, I have no wish to reveal my true identity.
<user1> You're user2 arn't you? I knew it!
<MrTinkertrain> You're incorrect.

- 5 mins of silence pass-


This conversation will repeat over and over again. The user become more and more curious leading to irrational behaviour and other symptoms thus catching Tinkertrain-syndrome.
by N\Bandit. March 27, 2009
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