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A far away land where men fear to tread. Full of wonder and danger and the unknown, this realm is home to beasts and creatures that rival those of hell itself. No expedition to Timukizulu has ever returned, save for one man, who was severely injured upon escaping. His remains were never found, but evidence of his journey was present, in the documents he left behind. Details of a Yeti-like creature, shaven without fur and having a fierce temper. Also some mention of something called the Jamesernaut, and unknown creature of never before seen by living eyes. It has been noted that the Jamesernaut has been seen drinking some kind of intoxicating liquid to the point of displaying highly irrational behavior. This in turn increases its hostility towards outside influences and anything caught in its immediate radius is killed. Other creatures have been sighted with the Jamesernaut, including the Pau Pau, a highly intelligent and morally numb being that should be treated with the utmost caution. Studies indicated that the Pau Pau likes to kill its prey at night while they sleep, but has been noted to engage in open combat, usually after consuming the same liquid as the Jamesernaut. This land is anything but friendly, and travelers beware the land.... of Timukizulu.
"Don't go in there, that's Timukizulu!"

"This guy went to Timukizulu once, and only his fingers came back.....skinless."

"Chuck Norris got his ass kicked in Timukizulu."

"Time stands still in Timukizulu, because its afraid if it moves something will eat it."
by the man from Timukizulu August 25, 2009
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