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Timmarie is a very rare and unique girl who is very gentle and loving. She is beautiful, smart, caring, helpful, kind-hearted, gentle, happy, loving, and so much more. If you ever meet a Timmarie or have one in your life, I suggest you keep her. She loves animals and will get very emotional if she sees one in danger or hurt (in that case, she's probably vegan). She loves music and is a great singer, and knows, like, every song. She is beautiful, and is good at doing hair and nails. She pays close attention to your style so she can get you the perfect gift for you. She is very caring, and is willing to help with anything. She loves the outdoors and nature. She is sometimes a hippie, honestly.
"Timmarie is beautiful."
"I know, right?"

"I am so happy to have Timmarie in my life! She is the best human on this planet!"
by perfect flamingo June 05, 2018
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