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Rockstar video-gaming journalist in the service of Most notable for his essays on the state of modern gaming journalism, and in defense of the artisistic merits of Metal Gear Solid 2.
"Dreams mix the real, and the unreal. Dreams mix whatever is in our minds. We can drift off to sleep in a recliner while half-reading the Lord of the Rings and half-listening to the NBC nightly news. Tom Brokaw can be talking about a hostage situation in Israel one second, and a breakthrough in health care the next. We can fall asleep, and hear his voice say: 'Ninjas officially kidnapped the president at six o’clock this morning.' That happened to me, once."
- Excerpt from "dreaming in an empty room (a defense of Metal Gear Solid 2)" by Tim Rogers
by Danin April 21, 2004
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