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One smart Princess!

A gorgeous girl with a great sense of humour. Although can be a little stubborn at times, she is a true sweetheart.

Someone you can always count on and trust. Very caring and loyal. She is formidable, amazing, heart-stirring, wonderful,awesome.

She is dreamy and belongs in heaven. She's deep and honest and everyone likes it. She knows what she wants and is extremely talented. Somewhat of a showoff, but in a good way! A girl with an excellent way of thinking. Likes to share what she learns, is Confident and makes an excellent leader. Tiimah is someone you look up to.

The name Tiimah in terms of people could describe how beautiful they are. Someone that is of extreme greatness often considered as a god in some religions.

Beautiful, Intelligent, Funny, Charming, Respectful, Friendly, Articulate, Loves unconditionally,
She has it all!

Tiimah is genuinely "The most Amazing Person In The World!"
Tiimah is God, Worship her.
by TheTiimahnator June 15, 2011
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