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The religion of trance where followers worship the god Tiesto by dancing to his music until you drop. Instead of going to church, you must go to the dance floor.
hey i just converted to Tiestoism

The only religion worth following is Tiestoism
by DJ J-D September 15, 2010
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One who follows and praises the one and only Tiesto, (Tijis Verwest). The only God that has been number one DJ in the world for over two consecutive years in a row, (and still is and always will be.)
1. One who follows Tiestoism listens to Tiesto's magical, (magikal) trance, old and new styles, on a daily basis.

2. One who follows Tiestoism owns atleast one item representing Tiesto.

3. One who follows Tiestoism can identify "Feel It In My Bones" by the first note.

4. One who follows Tiestoism might consider having the "Tiesto Bird", which resembles freedom, tattoed on them.
by NumberOneTiestoismFollower September 21, 2011
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