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The act of producing an extremely potent fart that first, overwhelms the creator's cubicle filling the tiny space with toxic gas, and second, then billows up and over all four walls to flow into and consume his or her's fellow employees' cubicles, hallways, or offices, much like a tidal wave crashing over a wall wiping out everything in it's path.
Employee 1: Oh my god that is terrible, must've been the chimichanga I had for lunch.

(A minute passes.)

Employee 2: *gag* Jesus Christ Joe was that you?
Employee 3: That smells like Bigfoot's dick.
Employee 4 (walking by): *nearly throws up into trash can next to the copier*
Employee 1: That's what I call the tidal wave (fart).
by 10th Floor Insanity June 19, 2010
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