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Ticaboo is the most unique and Beautiful name in the world. Ticaboo means you are Gorgeous beyond all measurement. You are very intelligent. You have the prettiest eyes out of everyone. You will be very athletic and all your peers want to be more like you. TIcaboo's have the sweetest personality and will love you with all her heart if you love her back. if you ever meet a Ticaboo than you marry that girl right then and there, because she will always make you smile and never let you down. if there was ever a perfect female human being. she would have the name of Ticaboo
Gandert: Dude did you see that girl?
Frodo: Heck yeah man, her name is Ticaboo so she is perfect!
Gadert: I am going to mary that girl!
by Bob Little February 18, 2013
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