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Great music. Not punk rock, which is hardcore crap from the 80s that involves following strict rules like not selling out so others can hear the music and not wearing certain clothes brands and making fun of people for listening to what they like even if its Blink 182. Thunk rock is music that teenage kids can relate to, and includes a lot of real punk...but it is also music one can listen to to be themselves...even if it Blink182. Thunks are people who listen to what they want even if people tell them its uncool...even if that means they listen to Blink182. Thunks dont need to follow other people's standards to be who they want to be...even if that involves Blink 182

Comes from the last two letters of my name (which is Amith, not Mike Rotch) adapted to the word "punk"
Green Day Ataris Nirvana Simple Plan GC Sum41 Blink182 Diffuser NHOI Smashing Pumpkins Brickhead Offspring DK BoxCar Racer MxPx NOFX Jimmy Eat World Rufio The Used The Vandals Yellowcard RATM 5 Stars for failure Saves the Day

Opress me if you must but im still me not a victim of whats punk or not.
by Mike Rotch December 21, 2004
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