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An elegant upper-class town of Pimping & Swagger. Found in Ontario Canada.
These tricked out bitches are only usually up at their cottages during the summer, collecting pussy on the exquisite sands of the beach, but the cottager's happen to be huge dicks. The residential members of Thunder Beach however, chill there 24/7 all year round , and are usually the slickest most King mother fuckers you will ever see.. The richest members build multi-million dollar cottages just for fun, while the others who aren't fucking retarded cottagers, are out snappin' necks and cashin' cheques like a boss.
If you ever meet somebody from Thunder Beach they will probably kick your ass in anything you choose, and will most likely have bitches beneath their arms. If you are one of the lucky few to know somebody from Thunder Beach, bang them and you will become famous.
"Holy shit guy that chick is so hot" "She's got to be from Thunder Beach"

"Bro how does that guy have so many bitches?" "He's got that Thunder Beach Swag"
by reppinthebeach November 24, 2011
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