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A word that is usually a nuisance to input in a text message, with a numeric-style key pad. These words will normally be typed/written with ease on a QWERTY keyboard oriented phone.

Some of these words will eventually become easy to write, but there's always going to be that one word that irks you... and that is a thumb twister.

Such words are Feedback, tight, baby, moon, light, etc. You know which ones they are.
Dude1: *struggling with phone*

Dude3: What's wrong dude?

Dude1: Nothing... I'm just trying to write this damn text message, it's got a buncha thumb twisters in it.
Dude3: Oh... well when you're done with that come help me set up this tent.
by urba3rbelong2us May 06, 2010
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