A term originated from an old video game magazine from the mid to late 90's called GameFan. Generally meaning a gammer who is a cheap player. Often used for someone playing Street Figther or various fighting game, who hides in a corner, blocks constantly, or over uses the same technique without remorse. Also see boat people skills.

When a person uses dishonorable means to justify his or hers ends. Could be an insult or a compliment depending on the person giving or taking the comment.
"When playing ____ (various game) Billy was cheating, using the same old thug tactics as usual.
Translation: Billy used crouch/block/punch over and over again.

"Bean Segal is in jail again? He was up to the same ole thug tactics, huh?"
Translation: self explanitory
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 25, 2004
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