Pigskin referring to a decoy grenade in the video game Counter Strike Global Offensive.
"yo yellow, Throw Me That Pigskin Nephew"

"Blue 22' Blue 22, hut hut hike. toss me that pigskin nephew, toss me that pigskin!"
by basevexy July 13, 2020
The term "Throw that pigskin nephew" is a running gag inside the Counter-Strike HvH community, popularised by the youtuber Noob Dog, aka Boring or Boring Channel.

The joke is said to encourage others to buy decoys, an in-game item, and then throw them. Teammates will be able to make the player that threw the decoy receive a cooldown due to the item being able to damage other players. If the player damages his or her teammates too much, by, for example, hurting too many people with a decoy, will result in a cooldown for the player.
"Let's get some decoys"
*Somebody buys one*
"Throw that pigskin nephew"
by pickle_chin May 21, 2019