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1)Rotten and rancid breath, that is more then the just your typical burping up garlic and gingivitis odors. The throat skunk is a deep and guttural stench that smells like somebody dipped you tonsils into a boiling hot cauldron of cadavers.

2)The feeling of a throat skunk is similar to the sensation you get after a long night of drinking and the cat (and or monkey) sneaks into your room and shits into your mouth.
Not only did I wake up with a fatty this morning, I also had a wicked throat skunk
by A Downing February 09, 2007
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A exceptionally hairy dick.
I really need to think about some grooming down there. I gave her the throat skunk last night and she was flossing with my pubes all day today.
by ds777 February 16, 2007
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