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Likes indie and experimental music. Follows the saying "art is whatever you can get away with", and most often practices some form of art. Usually seen driving a beat up vehicle with several quirks, such as a stationwagon. Found shopping at thrift stores and vintage specialty shops. Attempts to start their own trends, such as wearing a satchel, or wearing hats with a company logo (ex. AT&T) that are usually given away free as if they were a designer brand. No specific hairstyles, though unique or unusual styles are common. Unafraid to express themselves in any way they feel fit. If straight, have no problem displaying gay tendencies to make others uncomfortable. Constant party-goers. Parkour is a favorite pasttime, as well as philosophy. Big words are often thrown around, but only because they understand what they mean.
"That thrifster's trend is actually starting to catch on! Maybe I should go buy myself a satchel!"
by thrifsterno1 July 11, 2009
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