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A way of going about chess with a twist. You must have 3 teams of interesting people to actually make this game work. Typically the teams will consist of the colors black, white, and red. When the teams usually pick their colors their personalities tend to go as followed:
Black: The newer people to the game, inexperienced, but can get the job done with some effort. Usually the more reserved of the three.
White: The more outgoing group, easily deceived in the beginning but if you lose too much sight on them, they will be the ones ahead. When motivated, they will come out on top.

Red: They are a mixture of the two teams above. They can either have outgoing people or more reserved but they play the game very strategically and start out on top. Sometimes this remains constant throughout the game, other times they think they are in good shape until the end.

You start the game and you typically use a pawn, most people just pick their favorite but there is an extreme amount of pressure on these pawns for they set the standard for the rest of the game. The rest of the pieces move and when the first piece crosses the border and captures a piece that's when it gets serious.

To win the game one of the teams must put the others into check mate, which can take a bit of time but can be done.

**Caution: Bumps and Bruises may occur due to excessive competitiveness.**
"Hey Courtney and Maggie do you want to go play three way chess?" asked Jordan
Courtney, the more eccentric one of the group, "Sure I'm team white!"
"I'll be red," said Maggie.
"I guess that means I'm black,"said the more reserved Jordan.
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