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Three males and a female will engage in a sexual cumotion. Materials you will need: a live American Robin (or fresh American Robin egg), and a can of live worms. At least one of the males will need to have a full colon of feces. The endeavor begins with the first male (the one with the full colon) defecating inside of the female's vagina, followed by the live American Robin being holstered into her anus, and finally the can of worms shall be loaded into her oral cavity. Up to this point, everything has been preparation for the actual act: Three Bony Robbins. After these preliminary steps have been take each male chooses a cavity to penetrate with his erect penis. Each male continues until ejaculation. The process is not fully completed until the female has excreted the entire American Robin in her succeeding bowel movement.
How 'bout we grab some drinks, two other guys, and head back to my place and Three Bony Robbins.
by Robin Self December 08, 2014
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