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Also known as the "Little Caesar's Scrub Top", it is the sexual act of eating a Little Caesar's 3-meat pizza then proceeding to vomit the half-chewed, sausage-riddled mixture onto your partners chest. This is analogous to the Cosby Sweater.
Person 1: Hey man, is that a mole on your chest?
Person 2: Oh, this? Nope, it's just a piece of dried-out sausage from last night when Michael gave me a Three Meat Treat.
(Person 2 proceeds to pick off said sausage and eat it)
by Joseph Dirt III July 30, 2016
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When three men who share a working environment discreetly engage in oral sex with each other in a triangular formation for the purpose of career growth.
"Dude, did you see Chad, Dick, and Matthew all go into the conference room together last night?"
"Yeah man, they're the members of the three meat treat."
by HHHHERDER July 03, 2016
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