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Works best while in water i.e. the shower, the bath, pool, lake, or river. Take the pointy finger, middle finger, and ring finger and make the hand sign for 3. Stand so that you can reach her G Spot. place all three fingers on her clit and then begin to flicker the three finger back and forth at the same time. Apply light pressure. This should be done going from the right side to the left side and then back. Continue this motion with the same pressure. The mixture of all three fingers pressing on her clit, flickering, and the water creating lube, will make her climax in seconds.

You will need to know where the g spot is. If you don't, don't try the Tickle. This is for people with experience with locating the g spot.
While in the shower...

Him: (reaches down and places his point finger, middle finger, and ring finger on the g spot and begins to flicker)

Her: OMG!!! what are you doing? What are you touching? How are you doing that? Don't stop!! I'm going to climax...O....M.....G!!!!! (shudders)

Him: That was The Three Finger Tickle.

Her: I love you. Teach me.
by islandking May 01, 2006
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