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Threaxt-ing Threaxt-ed

to threaten someone via text message. You may or may not know the person threaxting you. If your best friend were to txt you stating he was going to sleep with your little sister chances are that you would threaxt him to stop or you would beat him up.

when you are having an arguement via txt message and you tell that other person that you will basically do bodily harm to them or something along the lines of destroy their property or reputation
"Dude I got threaxted last night by Nicole's fiancé. He found the pictures of us making out and said he will kill me if he sees me out tonight."

Sam: Ashlee was threaxting me today. She said if I rat her out she'll tell my mom that I smoked last night.

Jon: Threaxting is lame and so is she.
by Robert Rekroc March 15, 2010
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