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A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment—until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a “good girl” who is good only for mindless sex, not relationships or respect. but is also a Dinosaur
You Thotasourusrex
by big nigga dynasty January 15, 2018
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A Thot of the plus size stature.
A woman who has loose morals and has a huge hunger for food and sex. A Thotasourus Rex is not someone to share your bed room with she will leave grease stain and cheeto debris in your bed and your fridge empty
Damn dude Mike said he had Shandah over and she ain't up all the kids snacks and left a funk in his bed. Man I told Mike she was a thotasourus rex.
by SMOKIE13 August 29, 2018
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