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The largest ABA accredited law school in the United States. The main campus is located in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Cooley is famous for its lax admissions, but infamous for its difficulty and attrition rate. The faculty sets extremely high standards for all law students. Unlike other law schools, Cooley still uses a pure Socratic method and all exams are closed book. Cooley students are required to take courses that other law schools deem electives. Some of these courses include: Secured Transactions, Business Organizations, Taxation, Wills, and Evidence. Now in its 36th year, Cooley continues to graduate large classes of well qualified, well prepared lawyers. Cooley’s good reputation will continue to grow as more and more graduates achieve success in the legal profession.

Cooley is somewhat of an underdog law school that gives individuals with lower GPAs or LSAT scores a chance to earn Law Degrees. Cooley is often criticized and mocked by elite law school. However, their criticisms are almost always unfounded and often amount to nothing more than blue blooded snobbery and elitism.
Jim must have worked his butt off because he survived his first term at "Thomas M Cooley Law School".
by Tax Laywer DTP February 19, 2010
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