Thank you, used in a time of thanks over the internet
You are very gangster! Thnks
by Mehrmb July 22, 2010
Shorter way of saying "thank you" over the internet
"omg thnk u for the hookup gangsterr"
by mfj7 August 13, 2018
1.) An abbr. for Thanks for the Memories. Often used in high school yearbooks.

2.) Also the title of a very catchy Fall Out Boy song which is to be said about a relationship that is only being held together by the physical aspects. The relationship at this point has become a one night stand. It seems to be a conversation at some points of the song (For example: singer Patrick Stump belts out, "He tastes like you only sweeter."-which is a direct quote from the film, Closer.) This part is kinda funny because it seems as the guy is telling the girl, "Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great." She fires back with the former line. It's sounds like they are breaking up and doing what a lot of people do when they break up...kiss your ex for for one last time. But in their case...they have sex.

*This is only one interpretation.
Thnks fr th mmrs even though they weren't so great.
-"Thnks fr th Mmmrs", Fall Out Boy
by thesnakethecrossthecrown April 2, 2007