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thurd pahr-tee feys pahm

The physical gesture of someone else placing his/her hand(s) flat across one's face or lowering one's face into said hand(s). The gesture is found as a display of extreme frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, or a combination of all three. A third party face palm is only necessary when the action(s) witnessed are ridiculous enough that, 1) require additional assistance in displaying your frustration, disappointment, and/or embarrassment. 2) at risk of injuring your own self in the process of expressing said emotions. 3) both of your hands are broken, and your not about to beat yourself in the face with a cast. That's just silly and would require someone else to third party face palm at your expense.
Michael was briskly walking towards the stairs. He slips on a banana peel causing him to tumble down the stairs, in result taking five more people down with him. Suzy face palmed herself but felt it wasn't enough. She asks the gentleman next to her to assist her in a third party face palm. He agrees to help Suzy, but only ends up pushing her down the stairs as well. Everybody fails; Third party face palm.
by FlamingoPants January 28, 2013
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