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(noun) intense pleasure received after suddenly solving a difficult problem.

There are stages of acquiring thinkgasm:
1. Enthusiasm upon solving a problem

2. Being in "the zone" where you lost all your 5 senses and your mind is the only working

3. Aha moment where you finally solved a difficult problem and you have reached "Thinkgasm"

This is one of the gasmic senses, this -gasm came from thinking.

Intense pleasure from solving something after Leisurely thinking/analyzing one problem.
John is programming, he's suddenly lost his 5 senses and entered the zone..

John: *for each loop, polymorphism, object oriented programming*

Wayne: hey Dick, what is John doing? He's seems too focused on his work.

Dick: he's trying to achieve Thinkgasm, bro.

John: *suddenly shouts like he won a lottery * *solved a difficult problem*

Wayne: oh, he's just had "thinkgasm"
by blitzkrrieg August 22, 2017
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