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When someone attempts to just dump their vapid, misshapen thoughts in front of you and hope that they masquerade as contribution. They're similar to ink blots, but they're far messier and typically terrible to clean up, if the idea darkening the page is actually given any actionable weight. They are usually found in board meetings or coming from the lips of upper management, uttered towards lower-paid specialists who actually know what they are doing.
Yeah, I had the entire campaign setup for our social media and then our COO came by and left his think blots all over our plan,... totally muddied the waters for the objective of the campaign, and now the Marketing Director wants to redo it all. Ugh.

To be fair, Google this for first attribution: 'youtube think blots' and look for Random Words of the Day post in search results.
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by rwod March 13, 2018
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