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When a morbidly obese woman with poor hygiene accumulates menstruation and diarrhea between her thunder thighs. The chunkiness of the chili comes from the diarrhea chunks whereas the cheese-like stringy-ness comes from the uterine lining expelled from her vagina. This disgusting mess cooks and rots between said woman's thighs, and the cottage cheese looking cellulite craters act as mini crockpots for the fermenting process.
Blaise: Hey Matt, can I get some Thai Chili?

Matt: Sure Blaise, would you also like some thigh chili?

Blaise: What the fuck I thought we weren't going to talk about that!? Everyone fucks a fat, unhygienic bitch in the ass while on her period after eating Taco Bell
by chili_man January 26, 2014
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