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Based on Alan Thicke's failed talk show "Thicke of the Night", this sexual act takes place while spooning your lady. The male must be the 'spooner', meaning he faces the backside of the woman. While she sleeps, he proceeds to slip his engorged penis into her dirty starfish, or anus.

Two things will happen as this takes place:

1. Your hair will form into a rock-hard brillo pad-esq shell and you will speak in a pinched arrogant tone bemoaning Michael's inability get his act together because he spends too much time hanging with Boner.

2. The position, like it's talk show namesake, will be cancelled as your lady's dirty starfish pinches off your manhood.
I gave Charlize a Thicke of the Night when she fell asleep watching Growing Pains.
by John Stone January 25, 2007
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