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A beautiful, starry-eyed anime character usually fantasized about by Naruto. Also known by Bleach characters as the "Queen of the Ninja-Sheep" and "The Elephant Whisperer", Thiashni's have been known to have an affiliation with notorious gangs such as the Nkwashu 50 and the Crips.

When trying to defeat a Thiashni in combat, make sure to use shiny objects, since most Thiashni's have the attention span of an ant's scrotum.
Example 1
Anime fan: Naruto! Wtf are you doing this is a family show!
Naruto: oooooh yeeeeeah I'm so sorry it feels so good!!

Example 2
Gandalf: We are losing the battle for Middle Earth! Target the Thiashni's!
by LP_4lyf September 27, 2011
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