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A rare sight in the modern world. Usually found in packs.

Most Theuni (pl. of Theunis) are emotionless and rather unexpressive. Thus, any expression of feeling (e.g. smiling, crying, laughter) is a rarity, and should be photographed for future scientific research. Most people usually just use their iPhone
Dude, there goes that Theunis. He never smiles, you know. I think he might be a robot.
by Arimotamo November 09, 2013
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The ideal subject to stalk. A Theunis forgets who you are after meeting, making this subject the perfect person to stalk and keep tabs on. You know all about him, but he is clueless of up you.

The perfect stalking scenario. Good for practicing on harder subjects.
"Hey does he even know who you are?"
"He's a Theunis, I know him, but he doesn't know me."
by BatVader November 09, 2013
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A Boer legend, he is extremely well known even though he has a small dick
He pretends to like women but his gay tendencies are often noticed by his friends. A reason he is gay is because he has dated ugly girls that haven't turned out well.
Theunis you may Napier.
by Dorm 63628282 September 18, 2017
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