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A thesauron is a person who uses large and complex words in an attempt to;

A. Illustrate an iconoclastic point to seem more sophisticated.

B. Make themselves feel superior to people who do not understand the concept of the sentence they used

However, the defining aspect of a thesauron is their constant miss-spelling of each sesquipedalian word they use. Also, they will use words completely out of context and grammatically irrelevant.

Long name; Thesaurus Moron.
nahira741: Dude, I am not impressed, really you are such a thesauron.

Pseudonym69: That statment is absoltly false, everything I say is from my personal verneckcular. Aside from that, that was not at all germain to the coversation at hand.

nahira741: You know you are totally right, every thing you say makes perfect sense.

Pseudonym69: Wow, don't be so disengenuos, it is not that Abstroose, that you are an indoobitable a ignoreamuss.

nahira741: Dude, put down the books and pick up a spell checker.

>Signed off<
by sesquipedalianistic March 11, 2010
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