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<Noun> Def. - A truly monumentally bigoted, nasty and evil individual(s) - whose prejudices and actions are dictated primarily by theist superstitions and beliefs, rather than political or cultural ideology; someone whose religion-based stupidity, lack of capacity for rational thought, critical thinking ability, intelligence, clinical insanity and psychopathology, is all-encompassing and has theist mainstream religion (in any form) and/or violence as its primary means of expression.
Not to be confused with moron, fundamentalist, imbecile or cretin, since the theo-nazi is actually psychopathic and morally evil and strongly desires to harm people physically, intellectually, spiritually and psychologically.

Examples of theo-nazi harm include the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris, the right-to-lifers who bomb abortion clinics, the taliban, jihadis, and others who support them and their actions.
"You believe you have the right to kill me for publishing a cartoon about your superstitious BS? - wow, you really are one f****d-up evil little theo-nazi aren't you?"
by Faith Baiter January 09, 2015
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