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Thee Braden Mount: You mount a female in a position where your knee caps are aligned and flush with a females ears and you insert your penis into her mouth. Whilst doing so, you take your "Strong Hand" (the hand that can take on fatigue the most) and "Finger Bang" thee shit out of her til the sun comes up or the cows come home, whatever comes first. (DISCLAIMER: Please have groomed, clean and manicured hands. The last thing you wanna do is scratch up the vaginal walls of your opponent, because that will be the last time you will interact with her in anyway, trust me. Also, please trim the hairs surrounding the male reproductive organs, for the love of god, why would you wanna lay the toupee you've been growing on your "Taint", on to her chin?)
Girl, honestly, all I wanna do is Thee Braden Mount on you.
by Maddy Duke February 13, 2014
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