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The weirdest advertising campaign by SEGA ever. In short, it was a journey through a person's psyche as they played the ever loving crap out of the Saturn, SEGA's failure in the mid-90's. It killed the Sega Scream, for those of you wondering. Only 4 ads were ever produced in the campaign, with the rest of SEGA's commercials for the Saturn mostly being just bizarre and crazy attacks at Sony. It's clear SEGA's marketing division went insane when developing these commercials. The commercials eventually became infamous, as did the Saturn, and not many people still remember them. They were also filled with some of the worst biological puns and jokes in history.
Theater Of The Eye puns include :

Cone = A member of the KKK
Rod = A Russian wearing an all-black outfit
Adrenaline = Professional Wrestlers who give noogies
Optical Nerve = A theater usher who calls "The Brain" on a telephone requesting help
Brain = The head of some government organization
Ear Drums= Wanna guess?
Sphincter = Oddly, a obese man wearing spandex and a hat

by VitimanZ April 12, 2011
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