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An SCP that is a horrid, vile, creature that resides in the bowels of Ifunny. It feeds off the helpless souls of unborn fetuses, like a starving Ethiopian man who licks the floor and prays to the only god that he knows in the hopes that somehow he’ll absorb protein that will nourish his body.

TheYoungCudi looks at cub porn and preys upon a young furry by the name of Lori Meyers like an autistic pedophile, and will stop at nothing to get a piece of that fine, furry ass.

This disgusting creature must be stopped at all costs for the sake of all children. Someone, please call Chris Hansen, or the SCP Foundation. I fear for everyone's life. Please stop this monster before it attacking again!
TheYoungCudi: hey there little girl.. that ass of yours is lookin’ phat tonight

Lori: Please go away! You're scaring me...

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by UnamusedHopps July 28, 2019
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