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An increasingly popular cult which is growing in size through many different mmorpgs. It started in 2009 when an individual (or group of individuals, we dont know because no one has stepped out and given proof that they are in fact the creator - many however have attempted to pretend they are the original creator, but for all we know it may as well have been a harmless prank gone semi-viral) decided to name their character TheCultofYogurt on many different online games across many different platforms, Xbox, IDevices, Androids, PC, etc.

Not much is known about the original cult, however all imitators are usually characteristically similar. They are intelligent, they love to argue, they love to assert respect based authority, they are great trolls, they usually enjoy prowling the forums in search of noobs to bash for the sake of post count, and they all all hate Brazilians.
BR: gibe moni plos or I report u?
TheCultofYogurt: 3 day ban.
Bystander: Wtf? Lol mod power abuse!
TheCultofYogurt: 3 day ban.
All witnesses removed. Bounty removed.
by Weaponofassdestruction March 05, 2013
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