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Once a site that was launched up prior to the DRRR!! anime but it's more or less a taboo now. TheColorless is currently a community that walks away from the initiation of why it was made but (still) solely a place for chat and forum discussions consist of anime, games, movies, internet-based culture, writings, programming, science, learning and of other interests of fits.

The name TheColorless is being defined mostly on how the site appears to look like, which to most is better that way, and also a little bit ironic that it tends to be colourful.

Site was founded by Gargron on March 21st, 2010, which is currently owned by Warlock and runs by Kip. The place is also inhabited by Moderators and Rangers (Staff) with 30,000(+) members. The site has adapted to whatever you'll be seeing now but it was a wonder, which to some, hope, that it will stay the same.

TheColorless is represented by two mascots that are Server-tan and Server-kun.

TheColorless may also be shorten to CL.
A: What are you doing?
B: Just chilling and hanging around in CL.
A: Anything new at TheColorless?
B: Nah. Ded.
by Wu-se April 09, 2016
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