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The voice of Olentangy is a legend, period. Although often know to many as just "The Voice" many people aspire to have the honor in holding this position for only one person may be THE VOICE OF OLENTANGY. Whomever may be the voice is said to have quite a positive future ahead of them with many opportunities that they will flourish at. Each year a new Voice is assigned to this honorable duty for the Braves, starting off with the very first Voice in the graduating class of 2011 Zack Molle. Although Molle prematurely lost his position to the more gifted Christopher M. Cousins of the 2012 graduating class he is still accredited with starting off this newly founded tradition. This is going to be a great title passed down for many years within The Olentangy High School. For incoming students into the journalism program remember to keep your eye on the prize, The Voice Of Olentangy.
Dumb Freshman: Wow, I really want to be The Voice of Olentangy like Zack Molle.
Smart Freshman: Not me! I'm going to be even better then him, they mise well call me the second Chris Cousins.
by thebettervoice March 05, 2011
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