A person who has low self esteem, is lonely , and doesn't understand shit they are learning/learned in school. Also they suck but thats okay because I suck too so we can be buddies who suck ig.

Oh also they keep trying to get word of the day on here but keep failing . It'll work out one day buddy. You'll figure life out
by theunfunnycomedian April 13, 2021
you are a very special person i want you to accept this word and add a word to the urban dictionary called "deadboneman" and then when someone accepts your word I'll find your word rince and repeat i wrote this at " 8:22pm,Sunday,June 20th and if I don't find the word within 5 days. I wrote this word for no reason
Are You Up For The Task?
by Legobatman2139 June 21, 2021