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The wrecking ball is when your scrotum slaps against another persons face or genitals. It is executed during sex.

THE OLE WRECKING BALL however, is executed just AFTER having "safe" sex.

(1)Collect semen at the very tip of the condom before removing.

(2)Tie the condom off at the open end, keeping knot close to reserves. Hold condom by the tied off end, leaving tip of condom with semen to hang freely.

(3)Swing condom in circular motion with caution not to strike your self.

(4)Quickly use the ole wrecking ball to gently slap girlfriend (she'll hate you btw), or random club slag in the face while swinging in it in a circular motion.

Dont worry, her face will be fine. It's her dignity that will feel the weight of your OLE WRECKING BALL.
He didnt want her to think that the sex they just had meant anything, so he made sure to give her The ole wreckin' ball before telling her he had just called her a cab.
by Johnnylachingas April 05, 2011
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