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the theory that due to the current use in the little i we will all one day live in an iWorld where every aspect of life begins with an i.
Lately I’ve been noticing a certain similarity in almost all of the new products on the market… the all start with i, the iChair, the iDog, the iPhone, and of course the iPod. But what most people don’t know is what really started this trend. Almost everyone will tell you it began with the iPod, but their wrong. The real creator of this fashion was the International House of Pancakes. Yes, IHOP, everyone’s favorite breakfast eatery was the founder of the iTheory. The iTheory is the thought that if you begin your product with an i then it will be more popular. Then in 2001 Apple designed a great new mp3 player. At first it was just called the Pod, but when the chairman of Apple was sitting in an IHOP one day he noticed the popularity of the restaurant. Immediately he realized the reason for IHOP’s success, the i. If IHOP had just been HOP then no one would have eaten there, and so the apple chairman decided to apply the same theory to the new Pod, thus creating the iPod as we know it. He also began the conspiracy that Apple was the starter of the i trend and released false information telling of an alternate method of discovery. From there on out almost all Apple products began with an i, and of course profits skyrocketed. Pretty soon other companies caught on to the craze and were sucked into an i frenzy, beginning all products with that sinister little i. Pretty soon, if we’re not careful, we may just be looking at a whole new world filled with i’s, and possible and very real iWorld.
by Mitchell Teumer April 02, 2007
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