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A term coined by correctional psychiatrists in Chicago, IL to describe the practice of middle-aged, closeted gay men of lower socioeconomic status (SES) who cruise local forest preserves, pausing to back their cars into parking spaces while listening to Polish Club Music before generating powerful pheromones which are detectable by the desperate at a distance of 5Km.
This behavior contrasts that of their uncloseted, high SES brethren who are only shamed by secret yearnings to wear a cardigan and their inability to travel comfortably in a domestic vehicle. These high SES anglers troll the waters of art gallery openings and liberal fundraising events with strict size/bag limits, though self-tanning fume intoxication and association with bands whose names end with “!” have been documented as factors contributing to intermittent quality plunges in partner choice.
H: "Dr. Smith lost it all after they put that kiddie porn charge on him. They seized his assets, the trophy wife left, and now he's driving a Pinto."

L: "Is he in denial concerning his sexual identity?"

H: "Naw, he just made the transition from the down low to the down lowest."

L: "With that car, you should counsel him on the dangers of rear-end collisions."

H: "You're so concrete."
by sophiataavi June 17, 2012
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