The code which denotes the way prefixes, affixes, and suffixes are combined to form words, and along with root words and monosyllabic words constitute all the words in a language.
Though most people can see that the various components of words are combined to form all the words in a language, because so few people take the time to familiarize themselves with prefixes, affixes, and suffixes to help them comprehend words on a deeper level and communicate more effectively, some educators call that interplay between the components of words "The Word Component Code." The following are some examples of "compound words." Firefly, softball, redhead, keyboard, makeup, notebook, foreshadow, afterthought, hindsight, and foolproof. Compound words are a combination of two words but expressed as a single word. Word such as "disrespect," for example, is a different type of bisyllabic word because it is comprised of the prefix "dis," followed by and joined to the root word "respect."
by but for October 12, 2017