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This is an annual party thrown to celebrate simply being a trash bag. Trashy or "ratchet" dress and behavior is mandatory at the event. Public display of all tramp stamps, weave tracks, and nipple rings is also encouraged. The White Trash Party is the one day of the year where a girl/guy can dress as trashy as she/he wants and no one will say anything about it.

This year at the event, the title of Miss/Mr. Trash will be given to the person who best embodies the theme. The winner will receive a special prize(s) they're amazing as well as being a judge for next party's winner.

the following will receive additional point towards winning:

-arriving on a motorcycle, lawn mower, or 4-wheeler (alyssa)
-parking your trailer out front to stay the night
-bringing a small child to the party (bonus for offspring**)

-bringing your cousin (must also be significant other/spouse****)
"Wow, I saw a lot of b-holes at jake's White Trash Party"

"I wonder which 40 year old Sierra will hook up with at this year's White Trash Party"

"I lost a few nails at the White Trash Party, I hope your dog didn't eat them" - Lauren
by LL COOLJAKE August 04, 2014
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