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The wash of shame refers to a situation in which a person must repeatedly wash and scrub their face, hands, fingers, genitals or any other body part or oriface used during sexual activity with someone that is dirty, nasty, unkept and just has raunchy smelling privates. The smell may be filthy body odor, smegma, or caused by infection. The wash of shame often occurs the morning after a night out at a bar, nightclub, or party. People undertaking the wash of shame have spent time with a sexual partner on a one-night stand, an office party fling, a parking lot quickie, a hotel romp or other sexual activity that rendered one or more body parts reeking of rancid odor akin to ground fish with onions, sour sausage with ripe cheese or just plain sour ass. The wash of shame is most noted by the fact that it often takes multiple washes and scrubs to minimize and reduce the presence of the stank and causes repeated feelings of remorse and regret.
Justin hung out wth his co-worker Jane after the office holiday party. After drinking more at a local bar, they went to Justin's car where he gave her a quick finger bang. The smell of dirty hot ass filled the car along with the sound of stirring mac n cheese as he fingered her love box. Justin spent the rest of the night at home doing the wash of shame. It took a gallon of bleach to clean the smell from his fingers and the feelings of regret caused pre-Monday return to work anxiety.
by Ben Dribblin January 24, 2015
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