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1. The meaning of Irony.
2. An improper fraction - can be turned into a mixed number.
3. You don't have your glasses on, and immediately after the second half, you think third.
4. Seconds. (See the irony)
5. When you have a whole pizza, just to yourself, and when you ate the pizza, you're fat but still lazy and 'hungry-bored', so you buy another pizza, and you were intended to eat it all (The Fourth Half), but your brother/sister sees you eating the pizza, and commands you to give him/her a half, so you do (but you don't tell him/her about the other whole pizza) and you ate the half, so you've eaten three halves, you fata**.
1. Oh how the irony! I asked what's going to happen in the third half!
2. What's a whole add a half. No, not one whole and a half, the third half!
3. Huh? What's that? Don't you dare eat the third half of the pizza.
4. I'll have seconds on the third half!
5. .........third half........
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by Weird but truth! April 02, 2017
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