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Probably the best website the intarwebz has seen since Pornhub. Created back in 2008, the site has grown to over 200,000 members and rapidly growing. This is the modding capital of the web and is run by a bunch of 1337 super trolls like Yoddle, Wougie, and all of the super troll army. But beware if you plan on scamming on TTG, be prepared to feel the full swing of Hippie's banhammer and his 1337 h4x.
Noob: "Can I get into a free 10th lobby?"

Admin/Mod: You will now feel the full epic force of the epic banhammer on your tiny pre-pubescent skull.

Noob: "NO!"

Troll: "umad bro?"

The Tech Game
by TTGTrolololol November 17, 2010
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